My wife and I stumbled onto the Antique Warehouse about 20 years ago while on a motorcycle trip through Arkansas. I say “stumbled”because honestly; what are the odds of finding the world’s largest antique dealer out in the forest, in the middle of nowhere, in the heart of the Ozark Mountains? I would strongly suggest that if nothing else, you come to Botkinburg (population 10) and spend a day just looking around the dozen or so gymnasium-sized warehouses full of antiques and stained glass. Honestly, it’s better than most museums. Several items, including our most beautiful piece; a hand-carved tiger brindle oak bed (late 1800’s France) came from here. Why would you ever buy modern junk (particle wood) furniture, when you can purchase a solid wood heirloom for the same price?

Dr. Russell Schierling | Mountain View, Missouri

My husband and I found Antique Warehouse nearly 10 years ago after purchasing a Queen Anne Victorian bed and breakfast and needing to replenish furnishings. We made several trips to Antique Warehouse in our first 2-3 years, and refer quite a number of folks to them to this day. The stain glass “barn” has to be my favorite! If you are into antiques, interested in history or interested in the most unique furniture as well as well crafted furniture I would highly recommend you visit Antique Warehouse. Do not go if you do not have the time to look and investigate. If you know what you are looking for, check in with the front desk and they will be able to tell you exactly where to look. What an amazing place, an amazing experience and an amazing staff! You will not be disappointed, unless you do not allow yourself the time to look, investigate and shop.

Sonja Miller | North Little Rock, Arkansas